NoneFirst, let’s be clear on what modular homes are.  Modular homes refer to all homes that are 80-95% constructed in a factory.  They can be constructed on just about any stretch of property and they provide you with all of the beauty and comfort that any other home does.One of the most inviting things about modular homes in Virginia is that your home will be constructed in a timely manner,  You will not have to wait out inclement weather delays allowing the construction if your home to be streamlined.  Once your home is completely constructed and delivered to the site of your choice, a few weeks more of completing the on site building of your modular home and you can move in.Another huge perk of modular homes in Virginia is the enormous amount of money you can save after you move in.  While you will save money and time on the construction of your home, once you are in your house, you will save a ton on energy.  The heating and coiling of your home will be much less in a modular home.  You will watch utility bills be chopped in half if you have previously lived in a traditional home.  This is because modular homes in Virginia are much more insulated than traditional homes are.  Allergy suffers will find peace in modular homes because they reduce allergens tremendously.Modular homes in Virginia offer impressive floor plans designed to suit a variety of taste.  Individualize your modular home to fit what you and your family need and want.  Maybe you are interested in a split level home to suit the new addition to the family.  Or maybe you are newlyweds looking for a cozy ranch style home to begin your life in.  There are modular homes in Virginia to fit the lifestyles of everyone from seniors to families.  Look into the endless choices that modular homes in Virginia have to offer you.There are many great reasons why the modular home business is booming.  More and more people are discovering that the can afford comfort and luxury with modular homes in Virginia.  If you have been overlooking modular homes, take a step back.  Are you looking for style, convenience and affordability?  Modular homes offer you all of that and more.  Just in case you are not too familiar with modular homes in Virginia, let’s take a moment to define them.  You are ready to buy a wonderful home to spend many memorable years on.  You want great location, good price and beauty.