NoneEven though site built homes are extremely popular, there are a large number of people choosing off-site built homes due to their affordable pricing. Constructing a new home today is impossible for most buyers. With the average home price soaring pass $200,000, many have opted to rent their homes, and wait for a decline in home prices. However, many real estate experts do not predict an immediately decline in property values. For this reason, modular homes in P.A. are becoming a top choice for people anxious to buy a new home. Modular homes in P.A. have several desirable features. For starters, the homes are very affordable. Buying a new construction home is expensive. With a modular home, you can get the same quality built home for a fraction of the costs. The savings could be as much as 50% in some areas. Home prices for modular homes vary, which is beneficial for persons who cannot afford a huge mortgage payment. Choose a smaller modular, and pay less than $100,000. There are also homes available with larger square footages, and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. This is perfect for a young couple staring their life together, or a larger family. Modular homes in P.A are different from site built homes for several reasons. One main difference is the construction process. Modular homes are not constructed outdoors. Rather, all homes are built inside a warehouse or factory. Site-built homes are constructed in one piece. On the contrary, a modular home is constructed in sections. Choosing to build a modular within a factory is smart because the climate is controlled. The home is not exposed to various elements in pre-construction. Common weather elements that could delay a home’s construction are snow, rain, and other inclement weather. Prolong rain can result in a major delayAre you looking for a custom home? Is so, a modular homes dealer or builder can help. The majority of people who buy modular homes in P.A customize their home. Customizing includes selecting the interior and exterior design. Do you want a vinyl siding home, manufactured log home, or a panel home? Do you prefer carpet, hardwood, or other types of flooring? Whatever the preference, a modular homes builder can include the feature in your brand new home. Select marble countertops, hot tub, double sinks in the master bath, etc. New modular homes include a lot of contemporary and modern features, which is perfect for satisfying varying likes and dislikes.Because mortgage lenders treat modular homes in P.A. the same as site built or single family homes, finding a home loan is effortless. Additionally, builders may offer finance packages or recommend a finance company. It is important to explore all finance options. Hence, contact at least three or four lenders before choosing a loan. Compare finance rates, terms, and offers. This ensures the best deal on the home loan. Once a mortgage company is chosen, you can begin building your home. Depending on the size of the modular home, construction time is typically four to twelve weeks.