NoneHow is having a modular homes in NY that fast possible?  It’s because modular homes in NY aren’t a type of home, rather, it is how the home is built.  Modular homes in NY are built in a factory.  There are no harsh weather elements inside a factory to deal with, and not only does this protect modular homes in NY, it also speeds along the building process.As modular homes in NY move along to each new station they are met by skilled craftsmen who specialize in just one part of construction, the part they will be doing.  Because of having no other job demanding their time and attention, they become quite proficient at that one thing, and this too, speeds along the building of modular homes in NY.If you are looking at modular homes in NY and buying your first home, perhaps you have heard the term “starter homes.â€  Starter homes are older homes that need some tender loving care and are offered at a less expensive price, but you can purchase brand new modular homes in NY in excellent shape, and still find an affordable price.Floor plans in modular homes in NY are practical and beautiful.  Modular homes in NY usually come with extra detail work, and can even be customized, making them unique to you.Go ahead, drive down the street and pick out which homes are modular homes in NY, and which is stick built.  You will find no difference in looks when it comes to modular homes in NY.However, upon closer examination, you will also find no difference in quality with modular homes in NY.  Modular homes in NY must meet the same building codes as stick homes do, and it isn’t all that unusual for modular homes in NY to surpass these codes.Banks do not differentiate between stick built homes and modular homes in NY.  The loans for modular homes in NY and stick built homes are treated the same in both cases.  And modular homes in NY do not lose their value over the years.  In fact, modular homes in NY appreciate in value.You will be delighted to find no difference in insurance policies with modular homes in NY, as well.  Modular homes in NY are even built to withstand extreme conditions from the weather.  This is because extra care and extra materials are used in the construction process of modular homes in NY.  This is necessary for modular homes in NY because once the factory construction is completed the homes must stand up to being transported on trucks to your building site, where they are then lifted and installed on a permanent foundation by a crane.