NoneAfter you select your floor plan you won’t have long to wait before moving into modular homes in NJ.  You will feel confident that your modular homes in NJ will be constructed by highly skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work.  Also, the quality of materials used and the advantages modular homes in NJ experience due to being built in a protected factory environment will assure that you are getting a home that is built much better than if it were stick built.Modular homes in NJ are built in sections.  These sections of modular homes in NJ are built in stages by people who do these stages only, resulting in precision work.When the home is almost finished it is then shipped to your property and installed on a permanent foundation that is already in place and waiting.  Very little work will be required on modular homes in NJ at the site.  Set up, securing the roof, and seeing to it that all of the utilities are properly hooked up and working are about the only things left to do on modular homes in NJ at this point.With so much efficiency going into building modular homes in NJ it is easy to see how you can save a whole lot of money.  The money saved is money you can spend on decorating and landscaping modular homes in NJ.You will not experience weather related damage in modular homes in NJ because not only are the homes built inside a climate controlled factory, but the building materials are stored inside as well.  Modular homes in NJ will not suffer from warped or swollen lumber, or problems with mold and mildew.Only the best of name brand materials are used to construct modular homes in NJ.  And each stage of construction benefits from its own individual inspection.  And of course, modular homes in NJ are built to meet all codes that apply. It doesn’t matter if you are a first time home owner, interested in a starter home, or a veteran home owner wanting a luxury, customized home, modular homes in NJ has something for everyone.One benefit to purchasing modular homes in NJ is that you do not have to wait until spring or summer, when the weather is more favorable for construction projects in New Jersey’s harsh weather.  Since modular homes in NJ are built almost completely inside, construction can take place all year long, speeding up the process even further.And you will spend your winters in cozy modular homes in NJ because modular homes are built to be more energy efficient.  In the long run this will save you even more money by purchasing modular homes in NJ. Aside from the speed that it goes up, no one will be able to look at modular homes in NJ and know that it is a modular.  Modular homes in NJ look exactly like homes that are built on site.