One can browse various listings of modular homes in New York and find modular communities from top modular builders as well as manufacturers. MH Imperial custom modular home builder is offering custom built modular homes in New York and has the latest floor plans with unlimited styles that range from single family to multi-family investment homes. MH Imperial custom modular home builder is able to custom build your home so that you get exactly what you wants and have always dreamt of having and offers many exteriors as well as interiors, tailor-made to suit individual needs and the only limiting factor is the customer’s own imagination. New York is one of the original destinations for purchasing a mobile home, having hundreds of parks and right from the 1940s up to the present time the mobile home has found favor among residents of New York. Counties such as Niagara, Genesee, Saratoga, Chemung, Saint Lawrence are full of mobile homes with Chemung having six modular homes in New York listed with retail prices ranging from fewer than sixteen thousand dollars to forty-five thousand dollars, depending on where one wishes to buy the modular homes in New York. A three bedroom with two baths of dimensions 26×48 located in Holly Park Terrace, Lowman, NY, 14861 would cost forty-five thousand dollars and this home is owned by Telco Federal Credit Union. If you are looking for cheaper modular homes in New York then Genesee might be the right place for you. Prices for modular homes in New York in Genesee range from fewer than eighteen thousand dollars to as low as four thousand dollars. Take for example, the 1967 Delta Mobile Home consisting of two beds and one bath located at Hilltop Acres Mobile Home Park Pavilion NY 14525 that is ready to move in and whose asking price is just three thousand nine hundred dollars.