NoneAre you looking to buy a new home? If so, consider the possibilities of owning a modular home in N.C. With rapid home price increases, many buyers seek affordable housing. Unfortunately, this no longer exists in certain area. On the other hand, with a modular home you can receive a spacious home for less than the costs of a site built home. Buying a modular home in North Carolina is simple. In fact, the process is similar to buying or building a site built home. Of course, if purchasing a new construction modular home, the process is much quicker because it takes less time to construct a modular home. Consider the following five tips for buying modular homes in N.C. When buying a modular home, the first step involves choosing a dealer. There are tons of modular home dealers in North Carolina. You can visit each dealer individually, or browse their online gallery of homes. Because modular home dealers want to lure homebuyers, they offer a variety of home styles. Popular homes include ranchers, two-story, split-level, etc. Choose a home from 800 square feet to 6,000 square feet. Low and affordable prices allow homebuyers to get more house for their money. Once a modular home style is chosen, homebuyers must select a contractor. Modular homes in N.C are constructed in pieces. The modular sections are built inside a warehouse, and then shipped to the site location. A contractor oversees the entire construction process. This company is responsible for preparing the ground (plumbing, electricity, sewer, etc.), and coordinating all the tasks. In some cases, modular home dealers have their own contractor, in which the buyer does not have to find one. A good contractor should be licensed, and have previous experience handling modular home constructions. Next, homebuyers must choose a floor plan for their modular home. The layout of the home is important for several reasons. Each buyer has a specific design in mind. Because modular home dealers offer a variety of floor plans, you will definitely find a style you like. If you cannot narrow down a floor plan, dealers are ready to offer assistance with creates a unique floor plan, or modifying an existing floor plan. Choose a specific number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Furthermore, you can customize the home and add a bunch of bonus features such as hardwood flooring, granite countertops, ceiling fans, and so forth. The final step involved with buying a modular home in securing financing. Before a builder will start construction on your modular, or begin preparing the site, you must get approved for a mortgage loan. Getting financing for a modular home is easy. Most banks and mortgage companies associate modular homes with single family residences. Since the property will appreciate, you can get a loan by completing a regular mortgage loan application. Use your own finance company, or accept financing from a dealer or builder’s banks. If possible, compare loan offers before making a final decision. This helps you get the best deal on your mortgage loan.