NoneIn the late 1990’s, southern states received more than half of all manufactured and modular homes.  These homes are pre-constructed in a factory where they are made to fit to set specifications in regards to safety and energy conservation.  When they are almost completed, they are shipped to their on-site locations where the pieces of the home are finally put together.  North Carolina ranks within the top ten states of where manufactured or modular homes are sent, either to be sold or used within the state.  Modular homes in NC are very popular, as we can see in these statistics, for a variety of reasons.North Carolina is an attractive state because it offers both winters and summers in addition to the more temperate months.  Modular homes in NC are a perfect type of home for the area because when these weather patters hit, such as a snow storm or a heat wave, home production is not halted, which is sometimes the unfortunate case when it comes to on site construction homes.  In turn, this saves the buyer a great deal of time.  Since time is often money, the purchasers of modular homes in NC are also able to save a great deal of money.There are many benefits and advantages to buying modular homes in NC.  Aside from the state being a great place to live, modular homes themselves offer many financial and energy efficiency advantages.  People appreciate this and know that these homes are one of the best options available to them.