NoneThere is a very fine line between manufactured homes and modular homes in Michigan and elsewhere. Though both kinds of homes may be placed on leased land in a community or on private property, the major difference is in the way they are built and the building codes they must adhere to. The modular homes in Michigan must conform to the State of Michigan Residential Building Code which is also used to regulate site-built homes. They are closely examined during the construction process and have to be approved before they leave the factory.Modular homes in Michigan can be single or double storied and are transported to the site in two or more sections. Though some of the interior work is done at the factory, the rest of it and the exterior are completed on the site. The kind of amenities found inside the home are determined by the local codes. The demand for modular homes in Michigan has been found to be growing over the past few years. Over the past five years more than 15 percent of homebuyers chose manufactured or modular homes in Michigan rather than going in for traditional homes. In rural areas of the state preference is for manufactured and modular homes on private sites while in urban areas communities of manufactured homes is the trend.Manufacturers are required to offer clients a written warranty. Usually this warranty covers things like structural workmanship, plumbing, heating, electrical fittings and the like. Find out what things your specific warranty is good for. The Michigan Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA) is a non-profit trade association for the manufactured housing industry in the state. MMHA is a good resource for anyone seeking to know more about modular homes in Michigan. The organization has more than a thousand members including retailers, suppliers, installers, financial institutions and manufacturers. MMHA was founded in 1941. The benefit of modular homes in Michigan is that they are cost-effective and energy-efficient. So having windows and doors with the required amount of insulation will go a long way in curbing your heating charges during the long, cold, winters. If you are leasing land in a community, read up on the rules and regulations as well as the zoning laws. This will come in handy should you feel the need to do remodeling or make some additions to your home at a later stage. If ever you encounter a problem during the process of buying your home, do report it to concerned authorities immediately and ensure that appropriate action is taken against the wrong doers. By calling attention to some kind of malicious or harmful tactic, you are doing a service to others and informing them of possible pitfalls. If the retailer or manufacturer has committed a serious breach of faith knowingly, then this will go on his record which is then accessible to all future home buyers.  Knowing your rights and taking affirmative action is always the first step towards getting justice. Hence, you must have knowledge about what you are getting into.