NoneModular homes in Louisiana are built in factories, by highly skilled craftsmen that do nothing else except the part of the home that is being built at their station.  That means that builders of modular homes in Louisiana do not divide their time between electrical, plumbing, dry wall installation, roofing, or painting.  They perfect their skill so that modular homes in Louisiana are built with precision.Certain expectations are taken for granted when someone purchases a home, however modular homes in Louisiana goes beyond normal expectations.  Materials and construction are superb with modular homes in Louisiana.Not only are modular homes in Louisiana built in climate controlled factories, but trained employees take care to oversee that each step of construction are what they should be.  And materials used in constructing modular homes in Louisiana are quality name brand.Modular homes in Louisiana must meet all local building codes, as well.  This is important, because modular homes in Louisiana must stand up to entirely different conditions that a modular home in another section of the country, and local building codes are designed with those needs in mind.Modular homes in Louisiana are constructed much faster than traditional built homes are, and no matter if you plan on city living or country dwelling, you can be sure your home will be just exactly what you wanted. Possibly you may wonder how modular homes in Louisiana are different from stick built homes.  If you put modular homes in Louisiana next door to a stick built home of similar style you would be hard pressed to tell the difference.  The only difference is modular homes in Louisiana are built in a factory environment.  The standards of construction are the same with modular homes in Louisiana and traditional built homes.