Owning a home is a wonderful dream to make come true.  Finally being able to wake up in a place that you can say you own gives off a special sense of satisfaction.  Coming home in the evening and settling down in an abode that is all yours is indescribable.  However, it can seem like this dream is barely attainable.  With the lack of affordable housing and the cost of living constantly increasing, you may be thinking about letting your dreams rest.Iowa is a growing state in the middle of America.  Family values and good people are what come to mind when you say Iowa.  It is the perfect place to set up shop and raise a family.  Don’t let the cost of traditional housing shut you out from living in this fine state.  Broaden your horizons and begin looking into modular homes in Iowa.There is a chance that you have not even given modular homes in Iowa a thought.  This is a big mistake because these homes are just as beautiful and rewarding as any others.  And the savings you will enjoy will help keep you in your new home and out of financial trouble.  To help you on your home search, let’s review a few facts about modular homes in Iowa.First of all, a modular home is a house that is mostly built in a factory.  By the time the house is shipped to the homes site it is almost complete.   A small amount of construction is usually left when the home arrives, meaning that your home could be built in a matter of weeks.  This speed does not compromise efficiency at all.  Modular homes in Iowa must meet HUD standards so your home will be put under more scrutiny than traditional homes are.You will also be able to choose from an array of beautiful floor plans and instruct the design team on how they can sculpt your home.  A number of manufacturers have portfolios that you can look at and choose designs from.  The builders will listen to your wants and work in conjunction with you to make the design you want a reality.  You should search for a builder that best suits your taste.Modular homes in Iowa are an excellent option for everyone from families to seniors.  If you are ready to move into a home you will love and enjoy, start scouting out builders now and you could be another proud homeowner of one of the many modular homes in Iowa.Financing modular homes in Iowa is just as easy as financing any other home.  Over the past few decades modular homes have become extremely popular.  In some parts of the country modular homes account for a huge percentage of the new homes being built.  Banks and lenders will be more than happy to finance your new home.  There are even some lenders that only lend to modular home buyers.  Modular homes in Iowa are built to the same or higher standards than other homes.  Meaning that financial institutions view them as viable finance options.