NoneModular homes in Florida need to stand up to several climatic conditions that other states in the U.S. don’t have to contend with.  One of these climatic conditions is tropical heat, or heat with humidity.  If your modular home is not designed for a hot and humid climate then you will end up paying thousands of dollars to cool your home, as well as thousands of dollars to remove mold from your home.  To make sure that your modular home is set up to resist the damaging effects of excessive moisture make sure that your siding has been treated for moisture resistance, that your home’s exterior has been properly sealed, and that you have the proper ventilation system.  You will also want to look for low-e windows, which will reflect excessive heat from the sun away from your home, and they will also keep the cool air inside your home.In addition to heat and humidity modular homes in Florida also need to be able to stand up to high speed wind gusts, tropical storm conditions, and hurricane conditions.  To ensure that your modular home is capable of handling hurricane season in Florida you will want to make sure that your home has been constructed with specifications designed for these conditions.  For example you will need proper reinforcement of your walls, shatter proof glass, and you will need to make sure that your home is set up properly on its foundation to reduce the chances that it will be relocated by the wind.