Are you looking for a home that exudes class and elegance? You may think that you will have to shell out big money for a home that is classy, but there is another much cheaper option, and that is the modular homes in California that are available to you. Now you can purchase a modular home that will have the neighbors envious and it can be done for a great price as well. You can have your modular home designed just the way you want it, with all those great additions that you have been longing for as well.At one point in time the more elite people in society may have looked down their noses at the term modular home, but now with the classy modular homes in California this opinion has been overturned. Often you can barely even tell what homes are modular homes and which were stick built. These modular homes still have the same appraisal values and the same financial options, so even though it may have cost you less for your home, it will still be worth a comparable stick built home.Going with one of these classy modular homes in California also will help you stay away from all the hassle of a stick built home. You will not have to worry about contractors or last minute costs. Buying modular homes in California will allow you to be at ease while your home is being produced. It will be built to fulfill the California building codes, and more than likely will actually be better and stronger than other homes. Another great plus is that you will get to move into your home faster as well.Modular homes in California have much to offer and they can be very classy and upscale as well. Your home will be the most coveted on your street, and just think about all the money you have saved. You can have a beautiful and classy home done quickly, all without breaking your bank account.