One way to afford the home of your dreams is to buy a modular home.  In the past modular homes were almost exclusively found in trailer parks, however, today modular homes are found almost everywhere, even in high end neighborhoods.  If you are interested in capitalizing on the value of modular home construction but you don’t want your home to look out of place in your neighbor, then you need to learn how to design modular homes Illinois style.Modular homes Illinois residents can appreciate will need to be designed to reflect the architectural styles of their Illinois community.  There are many different types of modular homes that you can choose from.  If you live in a rural area of Illinois that does not have construction covenants then a traditional single wide, double wide, or triple wide modular home may work find.  However, if you live in a high end Illinois community in the Chicago area, then you will probably need to find a high end modular home manufacturer.High end modular homes allow consumers to select the floor plan, architectural style, and size that they want.  High end modular homes are pre-built in a factory just like the other types of manufactured homes are.  However, the quality and customization of high end modular homes make them look just like a custom on-site stick build home.  After constructed it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a site built home and a high end modular home.  This makes the high end modular homes modular homes Illinois residents can truly appreciate.If you are interested in buying high end modular homes Illinois residents can appreciate, then you will need to find a manufacturer that will be able to provide you with a floor plan that you like, that offers you the financing options that you need, and that will be able to deliver and set up your home when you want it.  The search for a manufacturer that meets all of these needs may not be as easy as finding a local mobile home dealer, the market for high end modular homes is growing and more options are being offered to more areas of the country.  For example in California the high end modular home market is expanding to include homes that are selling for over $1 million.