When people think of Georgia houses, some may instantly have visions of Georgia mansions with tall pillars in the front and sweeping lawns. Others may envision smaller homes for one or two residents, or two story homes with three or four bedrooms for a family. Whatever size you need you can find your next home among the many modular homes Georgia style.Connecting with the right modular home builder may give you the option of having your own version of a Georgia mansion, designed to your specifications. Many homes are available ranging from under 1,000 square feet up to over 6,000 square feet. Vaulted or cathedral ceilings can accent the interior of a two story deluxe modular home and the quality built in will have you home usually last longer than a sit built house, depending of course on the amount of care it receives.Large executive-style homes with lots of glass can make a wonderful appearance in a suburban atmosphere on a wooded hillside away from the city life. If your family is growing you will need more space in which it can grow. If your empty nest is too big for the remaining birds, you can fly off to a smaller one with less work, maintenance and space and still have the strength and quality built into modular homes Georgia style.Just like conventionally-built homes, there are many options available of modular home Georgia style, once you pick the right house and floor plan that will work for you and your family. Additional garage packages are available as well as small business-related and retail structures can be added to your modular home package to add more space to your home or office.Built inside, in a climate-controlled factory, modular homes offer quality typically not available it site built homes. The quality of the wood, and some builders include 20 percent more in their modular construction, is better because it does not sit outside exposed to the elements. When building a house on the site, sometimes the wood is out there for a week or two, regardless of the weather and getting a straight and square cut on warped wood with a hand-held power saw is next to impossible. Using dry, straight wood in a powerful radial arm saw insures a straight cut, and a good fit, each and every time.Using larger floor joists, two inches by ten inches as well as larger studs, two inches by six inches, in exterior walls add rigidity and strength to the building, helping it survive the trip from the factory to your building site under usually less than ideal road conditions.Adding in the extra insulation in the walls and ceilings and your energy costs will be reduced, saving you more money as the years go by. Insulated exterior doors and windows with low-E thermopane glass adds to the ability of your home to hold the heat in the winter and keep it outside during the hot Georgia summer months. Adding more savings to your utility bills.