If you are looking at purchasing modular homes Florida is an excellent state to consider.  What exactly is a modular home?  A modular home is one that is built in a factory and then the pieces are delivered to the construction site.  Once there, the individual pieces are combined on the foundation.  Modular homes are reasonably priced and sturdy.If you are looking for well built, affordable modular homes Florida is definitely a state you should consider!  Depending on which part of Florida you live in, the weather is beautiful and pleasant most of the year.  Many seniors who are tried of dealing with snow in other parts of the country move to Florida to escape the bad weather.  But, rather than wait for a house to be constructed on site, they are looking into purchasing modular homes.  The turn around time for a modular home to be completed is much shorter than that of a traditional home.  Also, the housing is typically cheaper per square foot.  Yet the modular homes offer customizable designs and superior workmanship.  There is no fear of weather damage during construction because modular homes are constructed entirely inside a factory.  There are also county and state standards, which the modular home builder must meet, so you are assured you are getting a quality product for your money.If you are thinking about purchasing vacation modular homes florida is a great state with many resources to offer.  There are great beaches, and many national parks that preserve the beauty of the land.  There are also great theme parks such as Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld, and Busch Gardens in Florida.  There are also many large cities, such as Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, and Orlando, that offer many cultural events and resources.  As far as modular homes Florida is a great place to live with many things to offer.