There are a host of modular homes floor plans including Cape floor plans, Colonial floor plans, Ranch floor plans and many others. Taking the instance of the Cape floor plans, one is able to get an excellent value for money because even though one purchases only two modules from the manufacturer one can get bonus space of an unfinished second floor. The second floor plan may include a full shed rear dormer which would significantly increase the living space of the second floor and at the same time retain the charming front view of the cape floor plan. For Colonial floor plans one can get the factory finished second floor that ranges from a very affordable three bedroom, one bath and 1325 sq. feet home to a larger 2860 sq. feet home. There are options available to customize the modular homes floor plans by adding an old-fashioned porch or a covered entry or even a garage. D & G Modular will have one that will suit every need. Another source for modular homes floor plans is Apex Homes Inc. who has everything from cozy chalets to estate sized two story designs and these modular homes floor plans suit every taste as well as budget. They have different modular homes floor plans for chalets, ranches, split levels, Capes, and two storied modular homes. Take for example, the Chalet floor plans which are an exciting display of various rooflines as well as vertical siding that are punctuated with windows as well as glass panels to make the exterior of the modular home more visually exciting. The ranch home is very popular and a practical style of housing that offers the convenience of having living space on the same level that can be made into a crawl space or full foundation. There is much that can be done with this kind of modular homes floor plans that includes having porch roofs, offsets and decorative dormers. NoneNone