The modular homes cost is arrived at by adding up all of the labor and material costs that are involved in the modular home building process and one should realize that the price of modular home would be less than that of a site built home of comparable size. Also, the modular homes cost would be such that one can keep saving money every year because the modular home has been efficiently designed to keep costs of heating as well as cooling low. A ball park quote of about US$55 per square feet is a very relevant figure when considering modular homes cost though it is difficult to provide pricing due to the fact that there are many options as well as different possibilities on various floor plans. In addition, the shipping costs can vary greatly and one should consult a sales representative of the modular home company to ascertain the modular homes cost. When considering modular homes cost one should keep in mind that there the modular home should meet with local building codes as well as State codes.The modular homes cost may also include what is paid to the dealers as well as the contractor for their services and it is also possible to finance the modular homes cost through private funds, equity loans on other properties or through financial institutions or through a modular dealer or general contractor.There are certain items that need to be costed for arriving at the exact modular homes cost and these include the cost of property, on-site construction work, landscaping as well as costs of options such as fireplaces, garage, appliances, special windows, and tile and hardwood flooring. The modular homes cost are comparatively higher than those of manufactured homes and the difference may be as much as three times the cost of the manufactured home.NoneNone