NoneOnce you find the one that comes closest to your dream home, you can start adding or moving rooms around to better fit your land or your dreams. Then comes the good part. Your modular home contractor takes care of all the plans except for site preparation and landscaping. The same contractor who builds your roof and windows also puts in your lighting and counters and appliances.You can use the same computer program to design your interiors. There are many materials and styles to choose from but if there is something that you want for your modular home that doesn’t appear in the design books, you can customize. From the tile on the floors to the window styles to the type of crown molding to the solid surface countertops, it is all up to you. And it’s all installed at the factory. When the modules arrive at the site, the walls are painted, the lights installed and the flooring ready. There is no waiting for separate deliveries, back orders or delayed shipments. Everything is installed when the modular home is put onto the foundation. You never have to worry about the hard wood flooring arriving in the rain before the roof is in place or the countertops getting to the site before the cabinets. Everything goes to the factory where it is installed and finished by the experts out of the weather then transported safely inside the room where it belongs in your modular home. NoneNone