NoneIt has been reported that last year’s tragedy of Hurricane Katrina has had a steady impact on the figures reported with respect to modular home sales.  Families who lost everything when the hurricane swept through New Orleans are now left with land that has finally been cleared of rubble and they are now contemplating how to rebuild.  Many are unwilling to wait months – or perhaps years – to have another family home built in the location they love, and so it is not surprising that they are looking to modular manufacturers to fulfill this need.  Add to this the fact that many savvy homebuilders have added floor plans that feature uniquely New Orleans architectural idiosyncrasies, and it is not surprising that consumers love the idea of owning such a home.  Entire neighborhoods are now looking to modular home manufacturers for a shot at rebuilding a city block. While this is driving up modular home sales the flipside of the reality is that the renewed demand is also slowing things down.  Whereas a home used to only take a few weeks to be constructed from start to finish, it may now take a few months for that same home to be built.  Part of the reason is the backlog of so many orders coming in, but the other part is also a shortness of supplies and even workers! Nonetheless, modular home manufacturers will be able to put together quality houses in a fraction of the time it takes a conventional home builder to put together a quality home. Add to this the facet of recreating beautiful home styles, such as the ones that used to be seen in the Lower Garden District, and it is not at all surprising that consumers are visiting factories in droves to put in their orders. So go ahead and take a look at the wonderful opportunities that await you if you are ready to build a genuine New Orleans style home on your property.  You will be glad you did!NoneNone