NoneThink of the modular home sale as an opportunity to showcase everything you love and like about the home.  If you are a homeowner, you can showcase copies of the brochure that first enticed you to buy it.  After all, why not profit from the money someone else spent on advertising by allowing it to do its work once again.  If it was the energy efficient aspects of the home construction that you favored, then there are sure to be other buyers who will also be taken with that aspect of the home. Similarly, if you enjoyed the floor plan and it spoke to you even before you set foot inside the model home, then once again, this plan should be displayed for other buyers to take a look at before they go on a tour of the actual property. Yet perhaps the most crucial aspect of the modular home sale is the ability of a buyer to imagine the place as her or his own.  This means that all clutter needs to be removed.  Add to this the fact that those personal photographs and all the little knick knacks that make a home appear so cozily lived in detract from a person’s ability to see it with their own personal touches added, it is not surprising that having too many of these around will indeed hinder the possibility of a sale.  Similarly, for the professional modular home sale, you will want to keep in mind that large numbers of people traversing through a show home will leave their marks, finger prints, and scuff marks.  It is imperative that these are cleaned up consistently, so as not to give the home a grimy appearance, but instead to preserve the new feel that attracts so many buyers. In addition to the foregoing, do not forget that while many come to take a look at the homes and will open every closet door and inspect every nook and cranny, only a few are as willing to close all these doors, and put everything back in good order.  If you are selling the home as a factory representative, you will need to make frequent detailed walkthroughs yourself, just to ensure that the next set of customers will see the home in its best condition.NoneNone