NoneThe first item on the list of things modular home manufacturers want you to be aware of is the actual difference between homes that are built at the site versus those that are built inside a factory. Manufacturers are quick to point out that even though the end result is quite similar; the road of getting there is quite different. The traditionally built home is constructed at the actual jobsite. This means that the builders and contractors will travel to the jobsite each day to get the work done.  In addition to the foregoing, the materials will all be delivered to the jobsite as well.  Of course, since the jobsite is – at least at the beginning – nothing more than a hole in the ground, it takes a little while before the actual home is taking shape.  In addition to the foregoing, since the building site is located out of doors, the odds that progress will stall because of inclement weather are very high. These delays make it hard to calculate when the home will actually be finished. The modular home is constructed inside a factory and will be transported to the building site in sections after it is completely built.  This eliminates any weather delays that may plague other jobsites, and will permit you to take possession of your home much quicker. Of course, while it is true that a modular home can be built inside a factory in as little as a few weeks, it is important to modular home manufacturers that their customers understand that there is more to the construction process than simply putting a house together and then dropping it off at the jobsite.  The ultimate location for the house will need to be properly prepared so that the home can be securely anchored to its foundation. In addition to the foregoing, the proper hookup of the utilities will now be attempted.  Once successful, you may wish to have a driveway poured, perhaps a walkway to your home as well, and whatever other items come to your mind as you are getting ready to take possession of your new home. Modular home manufacturers understand that in the excitement of receiving your new home, you also may not be aware of the little reported fact that the home will settle during the first year.  This is a normal process that every newly built home goes through, but at times it may show itself as ugly cracks in ceilings and walls. While structural inconsistencies are very rarely to blame, it is always a good idea to have the warranty department of your manufacturer come out and take a look.