NoneWhen it comes to modular home kits, many think of the log cabins that can now be shipped as kits and then assembled on site.  If this is your first notion, you are not too far of.  As a matter of fact, this kind of building method is now being enjoyed by a large variety of homebuilders who have taken on the challenge of gracing their piece of rural or mountain property with a log cabin to ensure that they will have a cozy place to stay whenever they are ready to get away from it all.  The rustic beauty that these modular home kits possess is second to none, and there are so many advantages to building this kind of home, that it is only natural that it would gain in popularity quickly.  After all, you will be able to put up your own home in next to no time with precut walls and beams, have everything fit together perfectly, and have next to no waste at your building site.Yet did you know that there are also other modular home kits that many do not necessarily think of when discussing this building trend?  For example, think about those who have a large backyard behind their property and are looking for something to do with it.  Maybe a grandparent or parent will come to live with them, and while the family enjoys each other’s company, there is something to be said for having a bit of space and privacy available whenever it is warranted.  Many a manufacturer of modular home kits has realized that this is a vulnerable spot in the home building market, simply because there are not that many options that exist.  To this end, small homes – more or less cottage style – are now being manufactured which fit on a small parcel of property and which make the perfect home away from home for a visiting parent, or someone who will be spending considerable time on the property.  They may even be great for college students seeking a room for rent!The other kinds of modular home kits that are available from manufacturers may focus less on the “homeâ€ aspect and more on the “buildingâ€ portion of the structure.  There are garages, sheds, and even barns that can be erected within a few short hours in your backyard or somewhere on your property where you have decided to it is time to put up such a building. The design is straight forward, but nonetheless pleasing to the eye, and much thought went into the apportioning of the inside where space is of the utmost importance.  While there are no frills, the design lends itself to little extras that can be added on that will provide the little extra touches that make a generic shed or garage a place where a lot of work can take place. Workbenches that can be fastened to the walls, seats and tables, as well as elaborate hook systems all work together to make these places comfortable for those who will be spending a lot of time in them doing the work there.