NoneNo matter how long you have lived in your home, when it is time to move on your modular home for sale will create just as much anxiety to you, the seller, as having a brick and mortar home on the market.  Should you go it yourself, or should you use the services of a realtor? Are there certain selling points to keep in mind when marketing your modular home for sale or is the sale as straight forward as that of any other home in the neighborhood?  These are probably just a few questions that might be swimming around in your head when it is time to sell.  Maybe you will read up a bit on the idea of selling, or maybe you are just anxious to get started on the process.  Whatever the case may be, here are some tips to keep in mind when it is your home that is going up for sale.First and foremost, keep in mind that while having a modular home for sale is pretty much the same as having a site built home for sale, there are still many consumers out there who are not so well educated on the advantages of modular construction and who might wonder whether or not your home is akin to a mobile home, or if your construction is up to code. It would not hurt to have some brochures from the manufacturer who built your home on hand that show the very model you are selling, the advantages, and the highlights of the model, such as the energy efficiency, as well as the many code upgrades, and also extras which you may have chosen for your home above and beyond the basic model.  Having these brochures available will help your customers feel more informed and comfortable about the whole process. Have a professional on hand when you have a modular home for sale is also a good idea.  Sure, you most certainly could go ahead and sell your home yourself, but if you are asked how your home compares to the others in your neighborhood, what will you answer?  Are you well versed about the resale value of your home? Depending on the age of your modular home as well as the number of other modular homes in your neighborhood, you might also want to go ahead and have an appraiser come in to take a look.  While having a modular home for sale is in experience pretty much the same as having a stick built home for sale, there are also other items to consider, such as the warranty; some manufacturers offer ten year warranties on their buildings.  If your house is still covered under such a warranty, you will need to find out about the ability to transfer it to the new owners. If you will be able to do so, this is a great selling point!  Yet do not promise something you cannot keep – some warranties are only drawn up for the original owner and will not transfer to subsequent owners.