NoneProfessional modular home designs are part and parcel of the reputation of any manufacturer.  Sure, the ability to deliver a home in the time frame promised to the customer is of vital importance.  The use of only the best resources available is an important step in assuring that one’s company is considered above the cut.  Of course, perhaps one of the most important aspects of garnering a reputation for being a well respected builder of modular homes is the ability to not only deliver homes that are up to code, but to actually build homes that see the code as a minimum standard and instead expand n the code and do work that exceeds the bare minimum requirements.  This kind of work ethic in the building industry will set apart a company head, shoulders, and torso from the rest, and it will be have many satisfied customers who will refer others to the waiting doors within a matter of weeks! This is only one aspect of the business that will make an impact on the community, yet it is indeed of great importance! Of course, none of these important aspects can negate the necessity of having cutting edge modular home designs as part of the company portfolio. When a customer first enters the doors of the company, they should be awed by the modular home designs that are offered.  Yet what should be done about the customer who enters the showroom with her or his own personal plans drawn up?  If you are such a consumer, you will need to consider all of your options when it comes to such modular home designs.  If you are an architect, you will still need to make sure that these plans can actually be realized by the manufacturer of modular homes. Some plans are simply not feasible for such an undertaking, no matter how well they have been drawn up.If you do not have architectural expertise, you will still want to make sure that you have someone take a look at your drawing before presenting them to a manufacturer.  It will be more costly, but in the end it is better to have some professional help than to have plans which are simply not workable. Of course, probably the wisest choice would be to peruse the modular home designs the company has to offer.  After all, a lot of time, effort, money and planning went into these designs, and they most assuredly will cover a lot of the needs you might have yourself!  In addition to the foregoing, keep in mind that it will be more cost effective to alter an existing design than to ask your manufacturer to come up with something entirely different. By doing so, the manufacturer whom you have chosen for the project will be able to give you an accurate forecast with respect to costs and length of building time.  This, in turn, will also permit your building to come off the ground with a lot less building waste, which – in turn – will save you a lot of money.