NoneWhile this sounds simplistic, it is important that there is nothing simple about the process itself. As a matter of fact, there is room for error in this transaction, and the savvy homeowner will do well to follow the advice of the manufacturer prior to the commencement of the modular home construction. One pitfall that occurs once in a while is an actual increase in building costs which will offset the savings realized by choosing modular home construction over on site construction.  The reason for this sudden increase in costs can be traced back to homeowners who change their minds on designs and extras after the construction process has already begun and thereby the accommodation of these changes translates into higher costs and also repeat labor costs. To avoid this pitfall, make sure that you are happy with the home that you ordered prior to signing on the dotted line and giving the order, and that you truly received everything you hoped for.Of course, there are also other modular home construction pitfalls that might occur during the construction phase of the home, or just after delivery has commenced: for example, whom have you put in charge of hiring contractors or subcontractors?  In some cases the manufacturer will offer this service under a one-stop-shopping clause in your contract, but in other cases you will need to find a general contractor who does all the coordinating of schedules, hiring of the parties involved, and also overseeing the work as it is being done. If your manufacturer does not offer this service, ask your modular home dealer about providing it.  Oftentimes they will have licensed individuals on staff who can serve as your general contractor.  The mistake many homeowners make is to assume that the rule of the general contractor is so minor that they can easily perform it themselves. Unless you have copious building experience and a lot of time on your hands, you will soon realize that perhaps you have bitten off more than you can chew.  In other words, do not fall for the siren song of saving a few thousand dollars and then be stuck doing something that is becoming more of a headache than a joy!NoneNone