NoneIf you are considering purchasing or building a modular home, company brochures are probably beginning to build up on your dining room table by now.  After all, there are so many different manufacturers to choose from, so many different floor plans, and just the list of extras that you can choose to have installed and added on top of the already fantastic floor plan selection is enough to fill many glossy brochures. Picking the right modular home company to work with offers you a large number of advantages, not only because you will be working with someone who already has a lot of experience in the business, or because she or he may be a licensed contractor who knows the ins and outs of the building industry, but also because you will be able to come and bring your own ideas to the table, some of which may very well make it into the final design of your dream home. Consider for example the first and foremost advantage of working with a modular home company: the ability to custom-design your home. Sure, the odds are pretty good that the manufacturer in your area already has a large number of differing floor plans for sale, but what if you have certain requirements that simply do not seem to factor into the floor plans that are available at this time? Working with a reputable company will ensure that you are working with someone who can either amend already existing floor plans, or simply craft entirely new ones that the manufacturer will then be able to follow in the factory. Customizing a floor plan can be difficult for a novice to do alone, but a seasoned professional will make quick work of this process.  In addition to the foregoing, she or he will also be able to give you the bottom line on how much extra these changes will run you in the overall construction budget.