NoneOf course, modular home companies are not created equal, and in addition to finding one that has a good ranking with the Better Business Bureau and is close to your home town, you will also further narrow down the field by finding one which actually carries the kinds of floor plans and design options you favor. Add to this the necessity to shop around for the best price, and the whole process may appear to be akin to running in a maze, but you may be rest assured that with a bit of organization you will be able to narrow down the cost of your home to such an extend that you will be truly comparing apples to apples. For example, get the bottom line price per square foot from the modular home companies you are considering for the project.  Then get a list of extra charges.  Compare this list to the list provided by other companies.  What is an extra – costing additional funds – to one company is a standard feature for another one! In addition to the foregoing, make sure that the specifications to which the homes are built are similar.  While still within code, some manufacturers will built toward the low threshold, while others will soar above and beyond the bare minimum requirements – so take your time choosing a builder!