NoneYet the question of licensing has now spread from modular home builder to those who are simply doing the selling. While it only makes sense for a home builder to be licensed, there have been those who have been fighting the notion that dealers of modular homes should be licensed as well.  Generally speaking, the average modular home builder has always felt that a dealer should be licensed as either a manufactured home dealer or at least a residential contractor.  While some may wonder what a salesperson in her or his office has to do with the actual building process and thus why she or he should be licensed in the first place, others contend that the integrity of the industry depends on the trustworthiness of its players, and sales people are a big portion of this industry, especially since they are often the face that consumers put on the industry itself. A licensed modular home builder can build beautiful homes that are durable, up to code, and fulfill all the promises she or he made to the consumer, yet if an overeager dealer decided to promise a few extras that she or he cannot possibly fulfill, the consumer will not look to the dealer as being the responsible party, but the bad reputation will most likely fall on the shoulders of the innocent home builder.  While the licensing process will help dealers understand the intricacies of the building process itself, modular home builders are not content with the idea of having a dealer receive a license to sell manufactured homes – after all, they are quick to point out, a manufactured home and a modular home are two entirely different entities. Instead, many builders claim, the salesperson should be licensed to sell modular homes so that she or he is clear on the standards of the industry, and will not bring an ounce of disrepute onto the shoulders of the manufacturers who are doing their level best to grow the market share of this exiting home opportunity. It is uncertain at this point which direction the industry will take.  Those who are calling for licensing the loudest are unwilling to concede the point, while those who are on the fence feel that even a partial victory is better than nothing at all.  In the midst of this dispute are those who are seeking to protect consumers and ensure that the personnel that are selling your home to you are highly trained and reputable.