A modular garage kit can serve several different purposes and might be a cost effective way to meet your outbuilding needs. Obviously, a modular garage kit can be used to build a garage in the traditional sense, but today’s modular garage kits can be sized to create a variety of building needs including a workshop, storage shed, or even office space inside a commercial garage or factory. A modular garage kit comes with each section already built, including doors and windows if applicable. You can anchor a modular garage to a concrete slab and forego the flooring, or assemble the building complete with flooring. A modular garage can be assembled in only a day or two, making it a great choice for fulfilling an immediate need for space. Even as a storage shed, a modular garage serves a pointed purpose.You can order modular garage kits in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs and delivery only takes a few weeks. Once it arrives, it is ready to assemble. Modular garage kits are often cheaper to purchase and assemble than having a traditional garage or storage shed built. Roofing panels are also included and the building is ready for use as soon as assembly is completed. Most areas have specific building permit and code requirements and each area may view a modular garage differently. You should check your local building ordinances to determine if a modular garage is classified as a permanent or temporary structure and whether or not its intended use affects the type of permit you need and codes you need to adhere to. Codes and permits may change depending on what type of foundation you attach the structure to. Different municipalities have different codes and there may be further specifications depending on whether the structure is for personal or business use. Be sure to report the addition of the structure to your insurance company and determine whether you have sufficient coverage in the event of damage or loss. Modular garage kits can serve a variety of home and commercial needs from additional storage to private workspace. A dealer or manufacturer representative can provide you more information on modular garages and whether or not one would suit your needs. Pricing varies, but is often less costly per square foot than traditional construction. You might consider a modular garage if you are looking for automotive shop office space, additional storage of a boat, car, or other motor vehicle, or even if you simply need to add a garage to your existing home. Comparing manufacturer pricing, material and construction quality, as well as manufacturing processes will ensure you get the best deal on the right modular garage for your needs.NoneNone