One of the most popular styles of home in the country right now is that of modular homes.  People love the style and convenience that these homes have to offer them.  However, when you look at a home of this type of design, there are many benefits and advantages that are not aesthetic in nature which comes to provide the homeowners with additional things to be happy about.  Modular construction is so ingenious that the benefits that they are able to provide, in addition to sharp visual appeal, are often not able to be perceived with the naked eye, but can be figured out over time or when looking deeper at the modular construction of the home itself.The actual modular construction takes place in a factory, and this is a big benefit because the factory has a stable, indoor environment and the temperature is always regulated.  Outside, the weather is not always so predictable.  This can save you weeks in the total production time of your home.  Before the home leaves the factory, it is also requires to pass a series of standardized mandates set up by the government.  These standards are in regards to energy and durability.  Because of these regulations, they are better insulated than some on-site constructed homes may be.  In the winter and summer months, when the weather is more extreme, homeowners can save money on their energy bills, and this is appreciated by many.Energy efficiency and timely benefits can not be seen most of the time, but they can be assessed and rationalized.  If these types of benefits are most important to you, the modular construction of most pre-fabricated homes could be very appealing to you, along with the fact that these homes often cost much less than other types of homes.  These benefits are both short term and long term, and this probably helps them to appeal to everyone.NoneNone