NoneModern prefab homes are the next generation modular design homes which are not aimed at the broad consumer base of yesterday, but which are looking for the specialized niche consumers who are ready for the next generation of home design – yet who want to do so without breaking the bank. Granted, many of those who are looking for modern prefab homes are willing to pay extra for the privilege of having a home that is well designed and at the same time combines the elements of modernism with prefab technology, yet they are only willing to pay reasonable amounts, and refuse to be billed extraordinary amounts for designs that have been available – even though not actualized, perhaps – for decades. At this point in time the modular home markets are dominating the offerings available by providing the market with homes that are well built, pleasing to the eye, and easily integrate into any neighborhood.Yet since the last real estate boom, many private parties have purchased plots of land that are away from the common thoroughfares and where trees may be cutting off the view to their neighbors’ land.  These are the customers who are now flocking to the builders of modern prefab homes demanding to not only see model homes but who will also hope to receive contemporary and even modernistic interpretations of old favorites. After all, the Victorian style homes may be “inâ€ in some places, but for those who are glass and steel aficionados, these types of homes do precious little to inspire awe and the imagination. Of course, some designers have taking this idea to the limit, and the results are concoctions that are more futuristic rather than modern, and which in many ways remind of the early forays into modernism that were so prevalent in the 1970s.  Nonetheless, there is little doubt that this retro feel to housing is picking up speed and will soon once again be seen on private plots of land throughout the landscape. Quite possibly the most exciting aspect of modern prefab homes is the methodology with which space is allocated to the various areas of the home. Gone are the days of rigid walls, and even more rigid floor plans, and come has the era of open space, floating walls, and at times even movable dividers which can make or take away a room at a moment’s notice. Another benefit of modern prefab homes is the fact that the technology is not reserved only for single family homes, but that its principles are applicable also to lofts, office buildings, businesses, and other forms of living spaces. With an eye on ecology, many architects are combining clean living principles with energy efficiency, and the result are coveted designs which reduce the impact of a person or family on the environment, while actually saving money in the overall running of the household. To get a better feel for the homes, it is advisable to tour the models and show homes, since the outside cannot adequately convey the many fantastic features that are awaiting you inside!