NoneModern modular homes are the next step in the revolution that has become modular home design. A few short years ago, modular homes were viewed with a bit of suspicion, since it simply sounded too good to be true to have a complete home built inside a factory, have it shipped to your home site, and then anchored to a foundations. Consumers refused to believe that a factory built home devoid of bricks and mortar could be as durable and code-specific as a site-built home.  Yet when these early models weathered the storms, and remained standing tall and strong even in the light of pounding rains, earthquakes, and tornadoes, consumers took note.  Add to this the fact that the kinds of homes that can now be built using modular technology has dramatically expanded, and it will not surprise you to know that it is now time for the next generation of modular buildings: modern modular homes.While the modular homes of today are so well built that they fit seamlessly into any neighborhood, many builders have begun to offer alternate floor plans.  Some of these plans are catering to a more retro clientele, such as those who love the idea of living in a Victorian mansion.  Yet there is a new segment of the market that is looking for modern, innovative designs and creators of modern modular homes are catering to their needs and wants. The emphasis is in sleek design that involves a lot of windows, glass, steel, and the more simplistic lines associated with the architectural styles of the early greats. Entire design schools of thought have sprung up around the thoughts of incorporating such materials into the building process, but thus far the necessity of solid framing and brick and mortar methodology has left many such design elements unused.  Add to this the fact that while many of the design greats did their best work many decades ago, it is not surprising that it took a while to adapt their thoughts and plans to fit with the design stipulations of modular technology.Other modern modular homes seek to emphasize functionality over frills, and they showcase energy efficiency and the ability to all but disappear in a wooded area rather than stand out. Still others specialize on the interior rather than the exterior.  For example, while the outside might still be the traditional design that fits right into the neighborhood, the inside may be a collection of open rooms that seamlessly flow one into the other.  Additionally, the use of chrome, steel, and also glass inside the homes is not unheard of, but is instead becoming the hallmark of modern modular homes and their design options when it comes to the interior portion of the decorating process. Consumers enjoy the idea of owning an unusual masterpiece which not only permits them a highly functional lifestyle but also one which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. So go ahead and take a look at what the manufacturers in your area have to offer.  The odds are pretty good that you will be amazed!