NoneMobile homes of the early 1940s were on average 8 feet wide and 20 feet long.  There were three to four separate sleeping quarters, but no bathrooms.  The bathrooms were added by 1948.  By the end of the decade, the length of mobile homes had reached up to 30 feet.As the need for more space grew, so did the size of mobile homes.  However, mobile homes were not seen as safe.  They were often dangerous in the event of bad weather, such as a tornado, and fire spread through them quickly.  Today, the term “mobile homesâ€ refers to any factory built housing that was created before June 15, 1976.  What exactly happened on June 15, 1976?  The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, often referred to as HUD, pass the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Act.  This act required tougher building standards to make the homes safer.  In 1980, Congress changed the name from “mobile homesâ€ to “manufactured homes.â€NoneNone