When you are looking around for your first home to purchase for your family then why not consider looking at some mobile homes for sale. There are some great advantages to buying a mobile home, or for a little more money you could even get a doublewide modular. Some of the biggest advantages are that modular and mobile homes for sale by owners or realtors can be much cheaper than a house that was built on site. These homes are manufactured in factories and warehouses and nowadays the quality of this style of houses is better than the quality of many of the site built homes out there. The other thing is that many people have misconceptions about mobile homes; most of these misconceptions come from the older and very low quality trailer style mobile homes. Many of the older style mobile homes were not built to the strict specifications that the modern day mobile homes are required to be built to, and you can find luxurious mobile homes for sale at extremely reasonable process, and you can also have them easily customized to fit your tastes.While you are looking at many different mobile homes for sale there are a few things you want to know about them if they are not being built specifically for you. If it is a used mobile home you will want to know how old it is and you also want to have everything thoroughly inspected and if the modular is not on a foundation you want to make sure that all of the pipes are properly insulated and wrapped with something like heat tape, this will keep them from freezing in the winter and save you a lot of money. This is obviously only necessary where you have to deal with all four seasons. As time goes on you will be seeing more and more mobile homes for sale and many people will be buying them as they realize the many benefits of this type of housing. Another of the great benefits of modular housing is the fact that if you ever want to move you can have your house disassembled and moved by truck to wherever you can find land in the area you decide that you want to live. The heating and cooling can also be much cheaper because the newer modular homes that are on the market are built extremely well, and they are built with energy savings in mind, and many can come equipped with all energy start appliances and even central air conditioning.There are other reasons that you are seeing the amount of mobile homes for sale steadily growing, and this is because the demand for these modern modular houses is growing so fast that the manufacturers and putting more and more units on the market to meet the demands. It is also easy to have changes made to your mobile home when your family suddenly grows and you need more space, and as long as you have the land for it you can keep expanding on the house in a much easier fashion than a site built home. Many of the modern mobile homes for sale today are nothing like what were seen in the past and most of them it is hard to even know they are modular homes. A lot of people are very surprised when they first see what can be done with mobile homes and when they do realize how nice they can be that is when they might even start looking for mobile homes for sale for themselves. You can have a modular home built where you pick every single thing that goes into it and you can have all kinds of things done like having speakers run through the whole house that can be controlled by a remote. Some of the other things you can do is have a nice hot tub built in when the house is built. You can also pick all your own cabinetry, carpeting, and hardwood or tile floors. A modular home with all these unique features can be built specifically for you at the fraction of the cost of what an on sit home would cost, and the extra money can buy you some new toys to enjoy in your new mobile home.