With Florida ranking in one of the top five states in which to retire, it’s no wonder that several real estate companies have made big business from mobile homes for sale in Florida. Each year, people over 55 are seeking a retirement spot and more and more are seeking only seasonal retirement where they can enjoy the Florida sunshine when the winters are harsh further north. Finding mobile homes for sale in Florida is not difficult, as there are literally hundreds of parks and communities, some especially designed for adults only. Obviously you could find mobile homes for sale in Florida all your own. If you’re just now thinking about it and want to get a feel for different areas of Florida, you can certainly do so from the comfort of your home, wherever you are, through the power of the internet. However, when the time comes to get serious about locating mobile homes for sale in Florida that are real candidates for your retirement home, you might want to consider hiring an real estate agent.If you are relocating to Florida, even temporarily, odds are you have a good idea which part of the state you want to be in. Yet there are many communities within each part of the state and it is probably important to you to be located near the things that are important to you. A real estate agent will have the best knowledge of different areas and should have a pretty good idea of which conveniences and amenities are where. You have the choice when choosing a real estate agent to find mobile homes for sale in Florida. You can choose any agent from any random agency or you can choose an agent from an agency who specializes in mobile homes. While this type of service doesn’t exist in every state, it does exist in Florida, because mobile homes are a hotter commodity there than other areas. An agency who specializes in mobile homes sales is more likely to know the various parks and communities where there are mobile homes for sale in Florida. They will be able to point out which ones have on site amenities, which ones accept residents over 55 only, which ones have traveling leagues, and so forth. Essentially, an agent who specializes in sales of mobile homes in their area will have an inside track to living there.Perhaps you are interested in shopping and golfing or maybe being close to medical care and the beach is important to you. Using an agent is the best way to narrow down your search. Of course you can spend the time and energy searching for yourself, but remember, the seller is who pays the agent’s fee – not the buyer. There’s no reason not to enlist the services of a professional.While you are looking at the mobile homes for sale in Florida, be sure to pay attention to the communities around the areas. You might even take the time to talk to other residents of the parks and communities with homes for sale. Getting a feel for a new area, especially if you are from out of state, can be difficult and the best way to get started is by talking to those who know it best.Take your time searching. There are always an abundance of mobile homes for sale in Florida and one or two of them is bound to turn up that is just what you are looking for. Be sure that you are working with an agent that respects both your budget and your time frame. If you feel you are being rushed, being taken to properties that are below or above your price range, or are not a priority for them, cease working with them and try someone else. You’re sure to locate the right place for you in due time and you’ll be enjoying the Florida sunshine before you know it.