When owners put up their mobile homes for sale, they can decide to use a real estate agent or sell the home themselves. There are a few things to consider when it’s a matter of mobile homes for sale by owner. “Selling a home yourself takes a lot more energy and commitment on your part than listing it with an agent.â€ It can be done, however, with a little education. First, prepare the home for inspection by prospective buyers. Clean up, paint and take a look at the appliances. Before making any major improvements, however, make sure that you will be able to recoup the investment. As with any kind of home, mobile homes for sale have a limit in what price can be expected. If a potential improvement will not get a higher asking price, leave it for the new owner. Take a critical look at your home and make sure it will make the best impression possible. The area around the home should look well-kept. Some extra belongings can be removed to make the home look uncluttered and roomy. Make sure that doors and drawers open and close easily. Wash the windows and let the light in. the bathroom should get a good scrubbing, a new shower curtain and toilet seat. Now that it looks as good as possible, set a price. First determine the land situation. If you own your own land, as half of all mobile home owners do, find out the value and include that in the sales price. If you lease the land, make sure that a new owner can transfer the lease. Also find out if any increases are expected in the near future. The buyers of mobile homes for sale have to consider the price of a lease or taxes in the future expenses. The age, manufacturer and condition factor into the price of mobile homes for sale. Be prepared to negotiate a bit after the buyer’s inspectors take a look. Next, get the word out. People have to know that mobile homes for sale are on the market. Make flyers, post it on the Internet and tell the neighbors. Finally, be ready to hire a real estate lawyer for the legal stuff. Any mobile homes for sale by owner should be protected by the pros.NoneNone