If you are searching for a lending source to purchase a mobile home, you may be wondering what goes into a lenders decisions on loan amounts and interest rates. Some of the factors that are considered are things you as a buyer can control, others are not. When shopping for mobile homes loans, you can better decide what is a good deal for you if you know just what the loan companies are looking at when they make you an offer. By handling any issues within your control before searching for a loan, you can save yourself money in the long run.One of the biggest things a lender will consider when deciding the amount and terms of mobile home loans is the borrower’s credit. This is one of the factors that you can control. By regularly checking your credit report for errors, you can stay on top of your own rating and also see the potential issues that may prevent you from getting a great interest rate. Just paying your bills on time is not enough. Be sure you have closed out any credit accounts you do not use, as too many open lines of credit affect lenders decisions. Try to pay a little more than the minimum payment on your credit cards to reduce the total amount of your debt. Your credit is your biggest resource and one of the easiest things for you to control.The next thing a loan company will look at is your ability to repay the loan. You income is the biggest determining factor for them to consider at this point in the process. Be sure that your income exceeds your monthly expenditures for the best possible chance at your loan being approved. Make certain that the lender has all of the correct information about any sources of income in your household so that they can make a fair decision. This can include interest income, disability pay, and child support, if you so choose. Showing a lender that your income can support the repayment of mobile home loans will more likely guarantee an approval.Finally, the lender will look at the value of the mobile home you are considering purchasing. You cannot control the actual value of the structure you want, but you can give yourself a better chance by being knowledgeable about what you are buying. Remember that mobile homes tend to depreciate in value over the years, so if the home you are looking at is previously owned, be certain that the asking price does not exceed the actual value of the home. A lender is much more apt to make mobile home loans on property that they can still make money off of if the loan happens to be defaulted. Carefully check the true value of each home you consider against the asking price and amount of the loan.By taking control of your credit, disclosing any and all income sources you have available, and choosing a home with a good value, you can help yourself to get the best possible loan and rates for your own financial situation. Once you have taken care of all the issues that you can control, the rest is up to the lenders you are requesting services from. They can then make the best decisions about terms, interest rates, and programs that will best benefit themselves, as lenders, and you, as the borrower. NoneNoneNone