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Intentional Communities
Sponsored by the Fellowship for Intentional Communities, this is a comprehensive site of Intentional Communities worldwide (cohousing, ecovillages, communes, co-ops, and urban housing cooperatives). The site includes a massive directory of communities, their magazine, extensive background information about Intentional Communities and a wide collection of related information.
Rating: Recommended
Location: Rutledge, Missouri, USA
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International Union of Gospel Missions
An excellent site about IUGM’s programs, services, and educational programs, this searchable site also includes a diverse array of information about homelessness, alleviating poverty, ways to volunteer, job placement, missions directory, welfare reform and links to countless related sites.
Rating: Excellent
Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA
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St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council
This site provides information about the resources and services provided by their office, including housing discrimination complaint information and investigation, and Fair Housing education. Related Fair Housing sites and contact information are also included.
Rating: Informative
Location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
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