NoneNoneThe second concern that consumers have about manufactured modular homes is that they depreciate in value instead of appreciate in value.  In the past this assumption was true, especially for pre-1975 mobile homes.  The cause of the depreciation was usually attributed to the poor quality of the mobile home’s construction, as well as to the fact that the home was not attached to a piece of real property.  Contemporary manufactured homes have been able to overcome these valuation problems by offering a higher quality home that is intended to be set up on a permanent foundation.  Studies have shown that if you select a manufactured home that is a high end product, and you secure it to a permanent foundation then your manufactured home and property will appreciate in value just like any other type of real estate.Investing in any piece of real estate has some risk associated with it.  The real estate market could bottom out in your area, a natural disaster might devastate the area, or the economy may deflate.  However, while there are some risks involved, real estate is generally a safe investment to make.  If you want to maximize the amount of home that you get for your investment budget you may want to consider purchasing a manufactured home.  If you do select to buy a manufactured home make sure that you select a quality model and that you set it up on a permanent foundation. These two things will help protect your investment, and it will allow your investment to appreciate in value.