Many people wonder what exactly manufactured modular homes are. Here is a comprehensive list of what manufactured modular homes are all about.Manufactured modular homes are built in factories. They conform to regional, local and state building codes. Manufactured modular homes are transported to their site in sections. These sections are joined together by modular home service personnel or local contractors. Homes are checked over my local building inspectors to ensure they meet requirements. Manufactured modular homes should be quality built to have the same lifespan as a site built home. It takes less time to build a manufactured modular home than it does a site built home. In some cases you can have a manufactured modular home built and in place in under two months. However, depending upon site preparation and any special features you have requested, it could take longer. It is hard to tell the difference between a modular home and a site built home. One reason modular homes look so similar to site built homes is that they are designed using computer programs. These intricate computer designs are one reason that many people are choosing to purchase modular homes. People can take a picture of a site built home and many times the design can be replicated into a manufactured modular home.   While there are some manufactured modular homes that resemble site built homes, you should know that people can still purchase manufactured homes that have the typical doublewide look. You should have no problem financing a modular home – if your credit is good. Most banks, insurance companies and appraisers treat modular homes in much the same way they do homes that are site built. In most situations, the costs of building manufactured modular homes are much less than building a site built home. NoneNone