NoneLooking for a new home can be a long and tedious process. Before beginning the search, it helps if a homebuyer creates a house hunting checklist. This involves writing down all the things you are looking for in a home such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Once this checklist is created, now is the time to begin the search. Even with a housing checklist, finding the perfect home is not easy. In several housing markets nationwide, home prices have exceeded personal incomes, which make it difficult to find affordable housing. Ideally, a homebuyer’s mortgage payment should not exceed 30% of their monthly income. Yet, most people obtain mortgages that are 50% of their monthly income. Fortunately, there are ways to find a home that is within your budget. For example, you might consider manufactured log homes. Manufactured log homes are great for persons who want a unique home, but can’t afford a large monthly payment. Because manufactured homes are less expensive than site built homes, you can get a new construction manufactured log home at a very reasonable price. The savings can be as much as 40%. The ideal that manufactured homes can be bought dirt cheap are untrue. Mobile homes and older style manufactured homes are very inexpensive. However, since these homes were not built to modern standards and building codes, the odds of these properties increasing in value are slim. In other words, the homes depreciate like an automobile, which makes it possible to buy an older mobile home for under $10,000. Most people want homes that will gain equity. Manufactured log homes are the answer. Manufactured log home dealers use a variety of materials to construct the home. When consulting a builder or dealer, you may be able to choose the log color for your home. Log options might include cedar, northern white, etc. Other customizable features include deciding the interior and exterior. This is necessary for creating a unique and personalized home. Manufactured homes dealers have a variety of home packages and finance options available. Years ago, many banks would not finance mobile homes because they depreciated. Thus, dealers and builders had to provide special financing. Even though modern manufactured homes qualify for bank financing, some dealers continue to offer financing. If bad credit is an issue, special financing with the builder is beneficial because they offer in-house financing.  There are many floor plans available for manufactured log homes. Many modular homes look exactly like single family site built ones. Thus, homebuyers can choose a variety of styles such as ranch, two-story, mansion, etc. Square footages starts as low as 800 ft. Modular mansions are available up to 6,000 square ft. Newer styled manufactured log homes are noticeably different from ordinary single or double wide mobile homes. Custom features also provide a sense of a single family home. Homes are constructed on a foundation or crawl space, and not attached to wheels like traditional mobile homes. The home’s permanent fixture constitutes a single family dwelling.