NoneBuying manufactured homes is as complicated as any other decision you might have to make in any aspect of your life. Hence, as a buyer who is investing a major chunk of his or her savings or life’s earnings, you need to educate yourself on your rights as a consumer. This will to a certain extent help minimize the stress and confusion you might face when buying manufactured homes, particularly for the first time. Financing is one important aspect you will need to consider. Evaluate the various options available to buyers of manufactured homes.Purchasing or renting the land where you will base your home is the next step in the process. Costs of insurance, taxes and maintenance will also have to be calculated and incorporated into your plans. Location of the manufactured homes plays an important role in determining appreciation or depreciation of its value. Rental communities increase the chances of the latter happening. Be aware that there are many anti-social elements out there who are looking to make a fast buck and relieve you of your hard-earned earnings. Do a check on the seller of manufactured homes to see if there are any complaints registered against them and if so what they are. Comparison studies have indicated that there is often a some variation in prices for the same type of manufactured homes. Shopping around can help you get a good deal. Financing independent of the dealer can also save you some money, sometimes up to 10 percent. Research always helps increase and improve knowledge and this is the best way you can find the right home at the right price.  If your dealer has posted prices then it does make the comparison process easier. But many dealers do not do this and inevitably the final price turns out to be much higher than the initial advertised rates.Don’t get swayed by the incentives that the manufactured homes dealers may offer in an effort to swing your decision. Efforts are on to make appraisals essential before buyers invest in manufactured homes. This would mean that the sales prices of the homes would be a matter of public record after sale. Many experts in the field also argue that making sticker prices necessary will be a step in the right direction since it prevents dealers from artificially inflating prices. This move will help bring in some transparency for the whole process. The affordability of manufactured homes has contributed to their popularity in recent years. However, a lack of legal safeguards has proved a major obstacle in the market causing growth sporadically. Extreme reforms in the sector seem to be the only way out. Regulatory bodies should pay more heed to the needs and requirements of prospective buyers of manufactured homes. Resources must be provided and made easily accessible. Certain non-profit agencies offer to help out by doing things like assessing the worth of your intended investment. Should you come across any such agencies, do not hesitate to seek their assistance.