Manufactured homes are really mobile homes that have been given a new name mainly because they are built in a factory and these buildings should conform to a Federal building code (HUD) instead of building codes at their destinations. To locate a manufactured homes Washington one may contact the nearest real estate agent such Mazza Homes who are the premier manufactured home dealers in Washington and who offer everything that includes custom built manufactured homes Washington. Another good source for locating manufactured homes Washington is Home Boys which is a housing superstore and is the Northwest’s largest volume retailer. Most retailers of manufactured homes Washington reap profits from the sales of manufactured homes alone but Home Boys believes in making smaller profits on the manufactured homes Washington due to the fact that they also make profits from construction, finance as well as land development; so one can get a better deal in manufactured homes Washington and they also deliver, set-up, finance as well as service and prepare the site for customers, among other things. Home Boys also services the entire Pacific Northwest and so finding a manufactured homes Washington should not pose any problem. Their office is situated in Mead, WA, which is only a few minutes drive from Spokane, WA and they have many manufactured homes Washington for sale that includes Golden West and Karsten homes that are priced as less than US$65,000 and above US$90,000 and everything else in between. There are a number of residential manufactured homes Washington. Another company that is useful for locating manufactured homes Washington is the American Home Guide that has plenty of beach homes, custom homes in addition to the many manufactured homes Washington. The Washington Manufactured Homes section of the American Home Guide is a great place that is full of resources in finding a manufactured homes Washington.