Maybe you are retiring, just starting out, or are searching for a way to escape the high-priced, often under-performing housing market. Manufactured homes can provide an affordable way of living that many people find desirable for their situation. There are over 5000 manufactured homes communities and mobile home parks in California, many within the San Diego area.Manufactured homes located in San Diego and other area communities and parks in the state of California are governed by The Mobile Home Residency Law (MRL). It’s a basic law that governs agreements between manufactured home owners and the park owners, similar to a landlord-tenant agreement. In most cases, the resident owns the manufactured home and someone else owns the park or community, including the lot on which the home sits. The homeowner pays rent for use of the lot. The MRL spells out the legal responsibilities and obligations of both parties.The Mobile Homes Park Act is another law that establishes laws concerning the safety and health standards of living conditions in communities that are strictly manufactured housing. This law spells out the specific codes that are enforced by The Department of Housing and Community Development and local government officials. Any disputes over either the MRL or the Park Act are generally resolved through legal channels.In a manufactured home community or park, utilities are generally handled by the landlord or landowner. All service fees, utilities, and rents should be clearly spelled out in your lot rental agreement. In most cases, the landowner uses a hired property management company or professional to handle rental agreements, maintenance, and other basic issues.Buying Manufactured Homes in San DiegoOnly licensed dealers can sell brand new manufactured homes. However, dealers, real estate agents and private owners can sell existing manufactured homes. A manufactured home is considered mobile in most cases and may be subject to vehicle tax, unless certain requirements are met which classifies it as real property. If you need information on financing manufactured homes San Diego has several lenders who will work with most financial situations, or you can use your own lender.Unless you already own a lot where you plan to install a new manufactured home, tt is often easier to first locate a park or community in the area of San Diego you are interested in living. You can search for existing homes for sale by owner, contact a real estate agent licensed by the state of California or visit a local dealer. An agent or dealer will be able to give you all the information you need to make your purchase and the delivery and installation of your manufactured home a smooth transition. Manufactured homes are convenient for seasonal living, which many people do when they retire. If you are retired and want to enjoy the winters in California in a manufactured home San Diego has many dealers near by. Contact a dealer or agent and start visiting parks and communities. You’ll be enjoying the ease of living at an affordable price while enjoying the warm San Diego climate and lifestyle.