NoneThe pre-made or modular home has had a long and interesting history in the nation, with manufactured homes prices being one of the primary factors that brought this housing option into public attention. However, as time went on and building technologies and techniques improved, the quality and versatility of these homes have captured the imaginations and interests of increasingly more home buyers. There’s something to be said about the idea of picking out that perfect spot, whether it be in a rural area or a community, staking your claim and putting up your own comfortable home and with the typical manufactured homes prices, this home owning dream – one that is a part of the pioneering spirit that spread this nation from coast to coast – is accessible to more people. Rather than having to achieve it through the expense and hassles involved in the more traditional site building means of raising up a house, today you can choose a quality manufactured home, often customized to your individual tastes and preferences, and have it placed on the site of your choice in a great deal less time. And, while it used to be primarily manufactured homes prices that were the deciding factor in choosing this housing option, this is no longer the case. The manufactured house of today is a quality residential building, carefully designed and built to last. The typical home of this type lasts just as long, if not longer than, a traditional site built home of comparable quality and style. The usually better price of this type of home is, so to speak, the icing on the cake. Manufactured homes prices are a direct result of the way they are built. Because they are built in factories, with specialized teams of workers and equipment, they are more efficiently built, which reduces labor cost and time, and thus, the price that the consumer is asked to pay. That’s quite different from the way the typical on site building of a house works, as many of those who’ve suffered through delays, sub-contracting hassles and shifting materials demands and costs.  The affordability of manufactured homes prices do not at all mean that quality or safety is sacrificed. You can expect that your home will be built to accommodate the residential safety codes and building standards of the area you plan to place it, often not just meeting those requirements, but exceeding them. Your house has to travel when it is complete, thus special care is put into its planning and building, with the result often being a home that is sturdier in design than the typical site built home of comparative size and quality. Undeniably, it was once the affordability of manufactured homes prices that drove the sales of these homes. However, with the quality building methods and beautiful, customizable designs that have become available as popularity and building methods and technologies have improved, today it is often primarily the convenience and comfortable living that are so much a part of the manufactured home experience that keeps the attention and satisfaction of the buyer.