If you have property in Pennsylvania you are probably in the market for some affordable housing. You are probably searching for a home that will be of high quality, meet your family’s needs and be affordable. If that sounds like you, your first stop should be to talk to a dealer of manufactured homes PA. Pennsylvania has many dealers that can talk with you about your housing needs. Whether you are looking for a small home just for yourself and your partner, or if you are looking for a home to house you and your ten children, the answer may be found in manufactured homes PA. Dealers can help you see if purchasing a manufactured home is a viable option for you. Are you thinking of a rusty trailer that you saw somewhere on the back roads of PA? If that is the picture that comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “manufactured homesâ€ PA dealers can quickly knock that picture out of your head! Manufactured homes PA come in many sizes, shapes and price ranges. Granted, if you want a single wide trailer that has aluminum siding, they can fix you up in one. However, most people are not in the market for that. In fact, many people are in the market for modular homes. Modular homes are manufactured homes. However, they are as far from the stereotypical trailer as you can get. From one story ranches to two story custom built homes – the manufacturing industry has gone through many, many changes. They can even custom build a manufactured home off of a picture that you bring to them. Do you want a working fireplace? Maybe you want oversized window that overlook your porch? Maybe you want high end cabinets, vaulted ceilings or a garage? Whatever it is, it can probably be manufactured for you.  Are you thinking that financing on these homes are hard to get? If so, think again. The financing on manufactured homes is virtually the same. You can get a conventional home loan on manufactured homes. PA has many finance companies and banks that devote entire divisions solely for people who are purchasing manufactured homes.  No one can truly argue that manufactured homes PA are not good homes. They give buyers more value for their cash. Why would you spend your hard earned money for a stick built home when you can easily custom order a manufactured home that is its replica – for less money? It just makes good business and money sense to explore all of your housing outlets before you rush out and build a home or purchase one that is already built. Do not think that because the price is lower that there is any scrimping in the building. These homes must meet building codes. In fact, many of them go beyond the codes and are overbuilt. They undergo intense scrutiny from inspectors and third parties are brought in to give their stamp of approval on these homes. If you live in the great state of Pennsylvania and you need a home, explore manufactured homes. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you discover.