If you are thinking about moving and have not purchase a home yet or think you may not be able to afford to purchase one, look into manufactured homes.  Even at the beginning of manufactured homes Michigan was a preferred site.  In the 1940s, manufactured home have been a favorite of new families just starting out as well as retirees looking for a smaller home that was more cost efficient.As far as manufactured homes Michigan is a great place to live.  Manufactured homes are those that are built inside a factory by skilled workers.  Because these men and women are constantly working on homes, they are highly skilled.  And they need to be – their work is constantly inspected and checked for quality.No matter where you purchase manufactured homes Michigan can be your home state. Unlike modular homes, manufactured homes must meet the federal requirements established by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), so they can be moved to any state in the country.  Modular homes, however, only meet state and local requirements and therefore usually cannot be moved out of the state.When purchasing customizable manufactured homes Michigan is a great choice too!  You can customize your manufactured home with fireplaces – great for those cold, snowy Michigan nights.  You can also have porches or decks added to your manufactured home.  And, manufactured homes tend to be more energy efficient than traditional homes.  The manufactured homes are very well insulated and many of them contain Energy Star options such as a dishwasher or thermostat.For manufactured homes Michigan has many of towns that offer manufactured home parks.  Whether you want to live in a small town or a large city, there are probably parks where you can buy a lot on which to put your manufactured home.