Manufactured homes in Florida are factory constructed and need to adhere to a federal code. There is no compromise on materials, fixtures, or appliances used in all of these homes. The manufactured homes in Florida come with a variety of floor plans to meet the requirements of various individualistic families. Statistics indicate that the manufactured homes in Florida actually exceed  site-built homes in strength by at least 25 percent. The design and construction of  these homes is monitored by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Housing and Building Technology (HBT), and  the State Bureau of Manufactured Housing Construction.Manufactured homes in Florida also meet the highest existing wind safety standards. They are capable of withstanding the fury of the elements including hurricane winds. These homes also satisfy stringent fire standards better than regular homes. Figures also indicate that one in five homes sold in Florida is a manufactured home. Financing manufactured homes in Florida is no longer a hassle. Many financial institutions have come up with lucrative offers for home buyers. Even mortgages of up to 30 years are available. Experts state that the appreciation of the property value of  manufactured homes is on par with that of regular, traditional homes.   Builders of manufactured homes in Florida have their own quality assurance programs. Besides this, each of the homes is inspected and approved by an independent outside source. The notion that manufactured homes are aesthetically less appealing than their regular counterparts is also a misplaced one. One reason why manufactured homes are finding so many takers in Florida could be the great weather there all year around. Another reason could be that manufactured homes in Florida are high-quality and low-maintenance at reasonable prices. Retirees and holidaymakers are the prime lot of home buyers in the state and these factors make manufactured homes very appealing to them.