Manufactured homes, or pre-fab homes as they are sometimes called, are homes that are built in pieces and sections inside a factory and then sent, via flatbed truck, to their onsite location, where all the pieces are then put together, completing the construction of the home.  Manufactured homes in California represent over 9% of all of the homes that have been sold in California recently.  There are many reasons that these home owners have been able to discover about manufactured homes in California which save them money, both in short term and long term situations.In the short term, manufactured homes in California are able to be put together much faster than on site constructed homes because the weather and environment is not a concern.  Manufactured homes are built in a controlled environment which keeps the workers comfortable, unlike the sometimes hot or rainy weather and environment that California itself can offer.  It will take less time to build and therefore fewer hours to pay construction workers for their services.  This creates two hugely beneficial reasons to consider manufactured homes in California.   If a consumer wants a house built faster and for less money, a manufactured home is a good option.Because manufactured homes are built to exact specifications, they are able to be build energy efficient to a standard that they must all meet before they are sent to their on site location.  They will not be sent to their future site without meeting all of the qualifications that are necessary.  This saves the homeowner money in the long run because their utility bills will be less thanks to their highly energy efficient design.Manufactured homes in California as well as other areas have many benefits to them.  Homeowners can save money and time in many ways if they use manufactured homes instead of on site built homes in California.