Persons unfamiliar with pre-fabricated homes may confuse mobile homes and manufactured homes Illinois. Both types of residences are pre-assembled in a warehouse and transported to a site location; however, the homes are very different. For starters, manufactured homes tend to adhere to the same building codes as ordinary single family properties. Consequently, builders lay a foundation or construct a crawl space, and situate the pre-assembled home onto the structure. Mobile homes are essentially that – mobile homes. For this reasons, individuals owning a mobile home can transport the property anywhere. Because of affixed wheels, the property is never permanently attached to the ground. Furthermore, mobile homes are not built to local and state building codes, and have a reputation of being flimsy or un-sturdy. Manufactured homes Illinois dealers offer the best quality homes. If you choose to purchase a home from such dealers, be assured of the durability and high standards. Manufactured homes Illinois are not very different from single family homes. Of course, these homes are not constructed at the site location. Rather, they are first built in a factory and delivered to the construction site. There are numerous reasons to choose a pre-assembled home. First, because the home is built in a factory, weather delays are uncommon. Thus, the construction time remains on schedule. Because the factory is climate controlled, your manufactured home will not be exposed to outdoor elements. Commonly, manufactured homes Illinois dealers provide buyers with a 10-year warranty on the structure. Site built homes usually only have a one-year warranty. Additionally, getting approved for financing is easy. Modern manufactured homes seldom depreciate like mobile homes. Thus, securing a mortgage loan for the property is simple, and buyers have the opportunity to gain equity. Before a loan is given, the bank or mortgage company will appraise and inspect the property.